Row 21-40 Row 41-60 Row 61-80 Row 81-100



Enter directly into form. When a row is high-lighted you can make your entries through the olnine calculator keyboard or computer keyboard and pressing the enter key on the computer keyboard or the to evaluate your entry.
The equals sign " = " Isolates all calculations to the calculator display window or the window above the number buttons.
Tot button Evaluates and sends the numbers in calculator display window to the spreadsheet below or the total form below the calculator where it can be used as a online adding machine.
The cl button in the top right hand corner clears the calculator display window.
The Cf button on the lower left hand corner clears the spreadsheet.
NC button The NC button will total and zero your spreadsheet so you can start a new calculation and still have the old one left.

There are two ways to Save calculations on spreadsheet calculator.

1.One is to click the save button on the calculator. These calculations will be saved in PDF format to Google Drive. If you do not have enough memory in your device it will not save. So go ahead and free up some memory by deleting files that you do not need.

2. The calculations are saved automatically to your computer. If you clear the cache the calculations will be deleted Unless you click the three dots under the closing X in the upper right hand corner of the Browser. Go to and click more tools , click clear the browsing data, click advanced, Make sure the cookies and other side data are unchecked. When clearing the cache this will stop deleting your spreadsheet calculator calculations.

The Form Controls

Click on the row numbers to the left of the spreadsheet to delete the numbers in the row of the spreadsheet.
Click in the Calc, Value and the total, field these will put there values in the calculator display window. You can figure discounts or taxes and fines by clicking in the total field window and typing * and the percentage in decimal form. Click + for taxes and fines, click - for discounts then click the Tot button.
Spreadsheet Calculator You don't have to drag out pencel and paper
Speed up time for calculations, no pencil or paper all calculations done on a 20 row long form.

Spreadsheet calculator: adding machine| budgeting| estimating

The power of a spreadsheet with the ease of a calculator.      Use for budgeting, estimating, financial projections or as adding machine.

The power of a spreadsheet with the ease of a calculator.      Use for budgeting, estimating, financial projections or as adding machine.

You can use as online adding machine

To use as a adding machine click the number that you want to add in the total form then click the Tot button. Repeat the same instructions as above. There is a running total in the total column of the form.


You now can do estimates without pulling out a sheet of paper and pencil and pulling up many calculators on one page.


How to use as a budgeting spreadsheet. Enter your income in the top rows. When all the income is entered then press the NC button. NC stands for new calculation. The calculator zeros Itself by subtracting the total from the total giving the result of zero, setting up for a new calculation. Now it's time to enter the expenses in the budgeting spreadsheet. It's customary to enter the largest expenses first. So start with house payment or rent, car payment, loan payment, food, utilities and then whatever other expenses you have. To figure out if you're over budget or under budget Click the NC button and again Then click Inside the last expenses total box. Click the plus minus (+/-) button in the spreadsheet. Now click the total button. Next click in the last income total row field. Click the total button in the calculator. A positive number will mean that you are within budget A negative number will mean that you are over budget.


I have done a formula for figuring the cubic yards for concrete as an example just copy and paste into the calculator display fill in the ft=feet an in = inches with your own values. volume in cubic yards = ((ft*12)+in)*((ft*12)+in)*((ft*12)+in)/46656.00


You can do your billing without hand writing, print them off or and send them off to your customer via e-mail.

The spreadsheet calculator

was built with the first consideration to make it intuitive for the user. Built so that if a person looks at it as a adding machine and uses the Tot button to populate the totaling form below they will not have any problems understanding its use.

With the spreadsheet calculator you can be 100% sure because every thing is layed out before you. You can see all your numbers.

You can do that with a spread sheet.
Yes you can.
If you are a casual user of spread sheets it only takes a few hours to set it up.But with this program the setup is already done.

This the basic shell that much more detailed calculators will be built the concrete estimator,painting, tile laying , framing, siding, scientific and roofing.

!New!Html5 0. Power goes out or you want to save till next time.      When I come to a page like this the first thing I think of is,if I use this it will take me a day of studying and then I click and go somewhere else. Spreadsheets take a while to learn but not this one. This calculator can be used as a adding machine and the numbers you enter in the calculator display window will be sent to the total form if you press the Tot button in the lower right hand corner of the calculator. This one little thing will save you time because you don't have to rekey your work to check for accuracy when you add long columns of numbers and it's editable in case you make an error.      The calculator does so much more in estimating, budgeting and formulas.

     I keep 2 things on my favorites bar my online calculator and a google docs page. I keep my free online calculator on the favorites bar in case I am shopping on the internet and need to make comparisons, budgeting my months and any other calculation that should arise. I link to a Google documents page where I can jot down any notes I want, keep track of passwords and usernames and write words that are long that I need then copy and paste them. -
     Get to your calculator or notepad in 3 seconds instead of 25.
     The spreadsheet calculator was especially made to fit any screen from 7 to 70 inch by using your browsers zoom.      This is the first and only free online calculator that provides the user with a spread sheet, running total, documentation of entries, the ability to save and print your records and it's FREE.

Features and Benefits of the Spreadsheet Calculator:

- Save time - You no longer have to re-key your work to check your math.
- Greater Accuracy - the spreadsheet makes it easy to proof your work for error free entries
- Easy - you won't need a degree It is simple. When your entries are what you want, send it or print it. The buttons that are different from a normal calculator are marked with tool tips.
- Item Description - you can make note of what each entry is for in the describe field.
- Record keeping - You can do a temporary one-time calculation or a calculation that you want to save. You can print it off or send it via email to yourself and others. Online
- Nothing to purchase - With the spreadsheet calculator no membership fees nor any other costs No costs to update or upgrade your software. It is online and we bear any cost to maintain and upgrade for you.
You can use any computer, net book laptop or desktop Multiple Uses At home for budgets Students from elementary through college Small business whether your budgeting, estimating or invoicing On the spot job estimating with instant notification to your potential customers and a permanent record for you